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As a language school specializing in IELTS, CELPIP, and CAEL coaching, at CANesl Inc, we understand that students face various pain points in their learning journey. These challenges can prevent students from achieving their desired scores and reaching their language goals.

In this blog, we will discuss the most common pain points our students face and how we help them overcome these obstacles.

Pain Point #1: Writing Module - Running out of time, restricting yourself to an average band score, complex sentences, and tone confusion

Writing is considered the most difficult module in IELTS, and many students face various challenges in this section. These challenges include running out of time, restricting themselves to an average band score, writing complex sentences, and not understanding the tone of a given situation. At CANesl Inc, we provide students with the necessary tools and strategies to overcome these challenges.

We help our students make the most of their time by teaching them time management, mind mapping, brainstorming, and practicing under real IELTS exam conditions. We also emphasize that learning grammar is not everything. Students need to develop the sense of logically arranging words to convey their thoughts. We achieve this by providing students with English movies, series, and films as part of our curriculum.

We also teach our students the strategies of mastering simplicity and clarity to avoid too lengthy and messy sentences. Additionally, we provide news articles, documentaries, and/or story books as training material to help students understand what a formal and informal situation looks like and how to write letters/applications accordingly. Our customized course materials and learning platform have plenty of practice exercises outside the classroom.

Pain Point #2: Reading Module - Timing

In the reading module, timing can be a real pain, along with achieving a good score. We show our students how to build the best strategy and optimize their time during the reading test. We also teach them skimming and scanning techniques that help them read quickly and effectively.

Our curriculum is designed in an organic way that allows students to learn subconsciously without feeling the pressure of learning. This approach enables students to see the difference when they take the mock test and the final IELTS exam.

Pain Point #3: Listening Module - Distractors

The listening module can be a challenging experience, especially with the presence of distractors. We teach our students to understand the concept of distractors and provide them with enough practice to identify and overcome them. By repeatedly exposing our students to distractors, we aim to develop their ability to quickly identify and overcome them, allowing them to find the correct answer efficiently.

Pain Point #4: Speaking Module - Nervousness, word search, and monologue

Many students get nervous when interacting with a foreigner during the speaking module, leading to difficulty in finding the right words when delivering their answers. At CAN-ESL, we believe that practicing with a foreign IELTS instructor is the most effective method to overcome nervousness and hastiness and to speak clearly with a natural flow.

We provide our students with foreign IELTS trainers as instructors without leaving their home in comfort. Our approach enables students to deliver accurate and proper speech rather than saying a monologue and getting stuck repeatedly.

Pain Point #5: Unknown topics in reading and speaking

The topics in the reading and speaking sections of IELTS are often unfamiliar, making achieving a high score a pain point for many students. However, the more students practice, the better equipped they are to tackle these unknowns.

At CANesl Inc, we offer thousands of unique practice materials on our learning platform. Our practice materials enable our students to recognize previously encountered topics, even if they are unfamiliar.

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