Busted! Don’t Believe These Traditional Myths About The IELTS!

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Are you preparing to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS)? As you begin your preparation, you may come across various myths surrounding the exam that can affect your preparation and performance. These myths may be passed on from friends, family, or even teachers, but it is important to distinguish between fact and fiction when it comes to the IELTS. In this blog post, CANesl Inc will bust some of the most common myths surrounding the IELTS.

Myth 1: In contrast to offline learning, online learning platforms don’t give their customers the proper value or attention

This misconception may develop as a result of some unpleasant experiences that some students had while taking online programs. The raising questions asked by any student to his teacher on an online platform might get vanished in a room full of forty to fifty students. Or some questions might get lost in the long queue. And that might make them feel neglected. Additionally, a lack of proper concentration could lead anyone to a drowsy condition, and that would ultimately affect his learning goal. But if an online platform guarantees a small class size of five to ten students and ensures precise guidance as well as utmost nurture to each and every tutee, students may never leave the comfort of that class. And that’s what exactly CANesl Inc is offering. Our ESL-trained and IELTS certified teachers teach each batch of minimal students (five to ten) with ultimate care to bring out the best in everyone. Kudos to our teachers, who are dispelling the myth of getting lost in the haul of the online classroom.

Myth 2: Preparing for language proficiency tests, especially acquiring IELTS coaching, appears to be difficult even if instructed by native teachers, let alone foreign speakers! How can we learn English or IELTS from a Canadian if we cannot understand their accent or can’t even communicate with them properly?

The fear of communicating with foreigners leads to the myth that being instructed by a foreign teacher won’t aid in their learning because there will be a significant communication gap.

But, if someone aims to fly overseas, encountering foreigners and communicating with them on a regular basis is a must. What can be a better way to tear the fear rather than confronting it? Having a foreigner as a class instructor can be the biggest term card here.

Often for language proficiency tests, students are suggested to watch English movies, listen to commentaries, read story books, etc., to get acquainted with more vocabulary and foreign accents better. Here, in our classroom, you get the opportunity to get instructed by a foreigner for three long hours every day, listen to their accent, and force yourself to talk in English. And this push helps you to break the fear. In each session, you get ninety hours of help from an IELTS certified, ESL trained foreign instructor, and even if unconsciously, you are improving on a regular basis. Our statistic shows that most of our students acknowledge the benefit of having a foreigner as an instructor during their speaking and listening module. Additionally, our curriculum is designed in such a way that the content covers documentaries, movies, and plays of UK, American, and also Australian accents. You get the opportunity to learn how the foreigner pronounces a certain word in the UK or Australian accent. And unlike other platforms, the playful and organic learning environment of CANesl Inc, with foreign certified resources, will definitely bring the best to the table for you.

Mistakes People Make During The IELTS

Two types of common mistakes from customers’ end in this industry:

  • Believing that IELTS needs years of preparation to ace a good score or pass
  • No preparation is needed for IELTS

These types of mistakes lead to two basic misconceptions:

  • How can we complete a session in six weeks only when it requires years of practice?
  • Why should be avail of your services when there’s no need to take preparation for IELTS?

These mistakes are nothing but an assumption of customers. If anyone has a weakness in basic English or grammar, they may think that to get desired IELTS score, they need to study hard year after year. On the other hand, if anyone finds themself good in English, they might have a tendency to think that their current communication English is enough to get their desired score and that no further preparation is needed.

Steps Customers Can Take And How CANesl Inc Can Help Them

CANesl Inc offers free placement tests to assess the strength and weaknesses of students so that we can prepare tailored course content solely based on one student’s need to help him improve. This test also helps a teacher to understand which class is suitable for which student. As we have three classes (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced), based on the current communication skill of each student, we set them to respective classes to ensure better care.

Consult with trained instructors to map out a proper guideline for acing the desired score for language proficiency tests within the shortest possible time. Because taking preparation over a year might bring monotonousness, and students may lose their focus and concentration.

Along with ESL trained, IELTS certified teacher CANesl Inc also has experts to provide you with the best guideline that you need to crack a better score on your proficiency test.

Clients with good communication ability and/or higher proficiency levels in English should also brush up their skills with the trained instructor, no matter how good they are, because knowing better English might not lead to a good IELTS score. To ace a good score in IELTS, strategies need to follow.

CANesl Inc provides additional services like, one-on-one tutoring, just speaking sessions, just writing sessions, and IELTS standard mock tests to polish one’s skill. Moreover, our ESL-trained IELTS certified teachers provide you with exclusive tips and tricks with an everyday class lesson.

As you prepare for the IELTS, it is important to be aware of the myths and misconceptions surrounding the exam. CANesl Inc has debunked some of the most common myths and provided solutions to common mistakes made by test-takers. With its small class sizes and ESL-trained, IELTS-certified teachers, CANesl Inc offers a supportive and effective learning environment. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced English speaker, CANesl Inc offers tailored courses to suit your needs and help you ace the IELTS within the shortest possible time. Join CANesl Inc and take your assessment test. Let our teachers evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to design the proper lesson plan that you need. Systematically designed interactive classes ensure you level up your score. We are committed to helping until you get the score you need.

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