The Cancellation and Refund Policy


Temporary COVID-19 cancellation and transfer policy:

If case of Class cancellation due to COVID-19:

  • Students must provide medical evidence from an authorised Covid-19 testing centre, clinic or hospital.
  • Students with medical evidence of Covid-19 infection that prevents them from attending 5 or more classes may transfer, free of charge, to a later class date. To be eligible for a free transfer, candidates must provide medical evidence to CAN-ESL no later than 5 working days after their fourth missed class.
  • Candidates with medical evidence of Covid-19 infection that prevents them from finishing class and must take an English assessment prior to the next offered class may request a 50% refund of their class fee. To be eligible for a refund, candidates must request the refund no more than a maximum of 5 working days after their classes proposed end date.

General cancellation policy:

Time to Class Date

More than 14 days prior to the day of the Class:

If you cancel your CAN-ESL registration more than 14 days prior to the start day of the Class, you will receive a 75% refund of the total Class fee.

Within 14 days, but more than 5 days prior to the start of class:

If you cancel your class between 14 and 5 days before the start of your class, you can receive a refund of 50% of the full class fee. Cancellations made after this time are not eligible for a refund.

Five days or less prior to the day of the Class:

 If you cancel your CAN-ESL Class registration five days or less prior to start of the class, you will not receive any refund.


More than 14 days before the Class start:

  • You may change your Class date at any time more than 14 days before the class start.

  • You must select a class date, where available, within the next three months from your original class start date. If your preferred class date is more than three months after your original class date, then your transfer will be treated as a cancellation.
  • You can only transfer the same booking once for no charge.
  • CAN-ESL will charge an administration fee of up to 25% of the total Class fee to transfer more than once.

Within 14 days before the Class start:

Any transfer requests within 14 days of the class start will be treated as a cancellation.

Student exceptions

You may make a case for exceptional circumstances to CAN-ESL before the Class start and up to five days after the class start date if you did not attend the class. Your CAN-ESL will respond to you within seven working days of receiving your case in writing. CAN-ESL will assess your case for exceptional circumstances.

All cases for exceptional circumstances and supporting evidence must be received by your CAN-ESL no later than five days after the scheduled class start date.

If your CAN-ESL centre approves your case, you will receive a full refund less an administration fee of no more than 25% of the class fee.

If CAN-ESL does not approve your case, then the terms given in by our general cancellation policy will apply.

We define exceptional circumstances as:

  • serious medical conditions which prevent you from attending or performing normally for 5 or more days during class; such conditions require supporting evidence of a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner
  • evidence of bereavement, trauma, or other forms of significant hardship
  • military service

CAN-ESL Class exceptions

Under certain circumstances outside CAN-ESL control, we may have to cancel your class. These circumstances include, and are not limited to, extreme weather conditions, natural disaster, civil unrest, and industrial action.

In these circumstances, CAN-ESL will provide you with as much notice as possible and give you the choice of either:

  • a full refund, or
  • a transfer to a future class date convenient to you.

In cases where CAN-ESL cancels a class under circumstances within its control then in addition to a full refund or transfer to another class date, you may be eligible to apply for compensation for expenses incurred. Your eligibility will be assessed as a reasonable claim or not by the CAN-ESL administrators and any compensation will be awarded depending on the following conditions:

  • CAN-ESL will assess whether the decision to cancel is within or outside its control.
  • Any compensation awarded will be limited to 25% of the class fees paid:
  1. directly incurred as a result of planning to take this class
  2. evidenced by payment receipt(s)
  3. evidenced from written communications showing alternatives or expenses incurred.
  • Note: In the circumstances, when CAN-ESL must cancel or reschedule a class due to lack of minimum number of students required to run the session or for any technical errors which are beyond its control the above rule (compensation) won’t be applicable.

It is important that you read and accept the CAN-ESL terms and conditions when you register for your class. You also receive the terms and conditions in your welcome package. The terms and conditions contain important information, including details of:

  • the rules you need to follow
  • the results process
  • cancellation process
  • how we use your information.

When you sign the declaration in the application form or tick the terms and conditions box if you are applying online, you are confirming that you have read and understood the CAN-ESL terms and conditions and agree to abide by them.

CAN-ESL Refund Time Frame

All refunds or partial refunds will take 7 to 10 business days to be processed from the time of approval.